Wednesday, January 30, 2013

27.1.2013 Food Day

We spent our day today stuffing our faces with a fabulous brunch and wandering around a History of Vienna Museum. Our professor took us to an all you can eat Sunday brunch buffet at the Hotel Renaissance in Wien Meidling. The first thing he said to us when we met up with him, besides “hurry up, we’ll be late” was “we do not want to miss the sea food buffet” and he was not kidding. They had lobster, sushi, shrimp salad, teriyaki shrimp, crab dumplings, and spring rolls just to name a few. After we had some seafood, I went to get something else. I ended up with some veggies, bread, cheese, and grapes. After two plates of food, I was feeling comfortably full and decided it was time for dessert. The dessert buffet was astounding; there were so many options. I got a piece of chocolate cake that had vanilla icing and a ton of berries on top, a piece of strawberry shortcake, and some coffee flavored mousse (it was like eating a coffee flavored cloud). After inhaling massive amounts of food it would be an understatement for you to say we were full. We were stuffed, I’m pretty sure we all wobbled out of the restaurant like obese penguins.
Windows from St. Stephens Cathedral
Once we made it out the door we ventured down the street to the Vienna History Museum. There were a lot of really interesting looking items in the museum but it was difficult to learn anything because there were very brief descriptions of the items and the majority of them were in German. Something that was interesting was that they had windows that had been taken out of St. Stephens before the war so they wouldn’t be damaged. They were considered very important and beautiful because they had bright colors and Thomas Aquinas said that things that have bright colors are beautiful. There were also a few models of Vienna at different stages of its expansion as a city. They were really cool to look at because you could gradually see how Vienna expand and start to make out where some of the districts formed.
 Model of Vienna 1897-1898

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